How to Backup Computer Files with Simple Methods

September 26, 2016

How to backup computer files with simple methods? This article will tell you the simplest way to backup files on computer with the freeware AOMEI Backupper.

Why you need to backup computer files?

Nowadays, computers have already been an important part of our life. Many people use computer to work, study, play, etc. Therefore, there are large files stored on the computer. Such as photos, videos, musics, documents, and other important files. However, files on computer are faced many security problems. System error, computer crash, hard drive broken, machine stolen are all the unexpected effects that you will lose the files on computer permanently. Thus, the best way to keep the files safe is to backup files on computer. Well, how to backup computer files?

Where should you backup computer files?

Befor backing up files on laptop/desktop, there are many choices for you to backup computer files.

1. You can backup files to other local partition. If your hard drive is big enough, you can create a partition specially for storing the files backup image. If there is something wrong with your system, your files will be safe.

2. You can backup computer files to other local hard drive. If there are two or more hard drives on your computer, you can choose to backup them to other local hard drive. If the hard drive broken, your still has the files backup image on another hard drive.

3. You can also backup computer files to NAS(network attach storage). Thus, you can share the files on the same WLAN.

4. You can also backup files on your computer to an external hard drive like a CD/DCD, USB flash drive, etc. External hard drive is safe and portable. If you backup your computer files to an external hard drive, you can bring it everywhere.

How to backup computer files?

So, here is the question, how to backup computer files? There is a free data protection software AOMEI Backupper that can instead of Windows built-in backup tool to only backup files to wherever you want with simple steps. AOMEI Backupper is a good backup software with a friendly user’s interface. You can use it to do system backup, partition backup, disk backup, files/folders backup. But it has many utilities that far beyond “backup”. With this software, backup files on you computer or laptop is a piece of cake, you can finish it with just a few clicks.

Step1. Download the freeware, install and launch it. You will see the main interface. To backup files on your computer, select File Backup under the Backup tab.

Main Interface

Step2.At the File Backup page, click Add File to add the files you want to backup. You can also add a folder, then backup files with a certain file extension. Then, click “Step2” to select the destination place to store the files backup image. You can choose wherever you want. If you want to backup files to external hard drive, you should connect the external hard drive to your computer before. Here we backup the files to the local D: partition.

File Backup


● Here you can click the Backup Options to set more for your files backup.

● You can check Schedule to make an automatic backup for your files with daily, weekly, monthly according to your requirements, and you can do an incremental/differential backup to automatic backup the changed files.

With AOMEI Backupper, you can backup your computer files in two steps. It is very simple and easy, even a non-technician can do it alone. This freeware is very powerful that supports almost all the Windows operating system including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10.