The Importance of Files Backup

With the increase of data, the data in each volume becomes more and more large. At the same time, the security and the importance of all kinds of data is noticed by people. Natural disaster, virus, power failures and wrong operation will affect the normal operation of the system. Besides, if some important files are lost, for example, photos, texts and so on you will become very anxious. And if you are writing a thesis which is very significant, suddenly it is damaged or it cannot be found out, you will worry that graduating from school is very hard. Under those circumstances, if once files have been backed up before the above situations appear, files can be restored easily. Like this, it is really important for files backup to avoid data loss.

Before You Start to Backup

  • Choose the files which are important. Usually some computer games and applications are not needed to backup. If the computer system is failed, it is easy and simple to reinstall these files. You can backup these important files, such as pictures, emails, texts, and doc, pdf, or xlsx documents and so on.

  • It is essential to ensure the validity of files, and some useless files are not needed to backup.

  • You can create multiple backups and create daily, weekly, or monthly backup according to your need. If you use your computer every day, creating daily backup is ok. If you use it not often, choose weekly backup.

How to Backup My Files?

AOMEI Backupper can easily help to backup files. With its assistance, you never worry about data loss. There are some steps to help to backup files.

Step 1: Under the” Backup” tab, and choose “File Backup” option to start file backup. File Backup

Step 2: Name the “Task Name” so that you can discriminate the backup from other backups. Click “Add File” to choose file which you want to back up, and then select a path to store backup image. During files backup, there are some other options and you can click “Schedule”, the tutorial “How to schedule windows backup with AOMEI Backupper software” is a good reference.

Add Folder

Step 3: Click “Start Backup”, and then click “Finish”. Like this, you finish your file backup.

In conclusion, file backup is very important for you to restore your data when you lose it. If you didn’t backup files once, it is very hard to get it back.


1. AOMEI Backupper also supports Disk Backup, System Backup, Partition or Volume Backup and Incremental or Differential Backup.
2. Where are files backup on? In addition to select local disk as destination location to save backup image, external storage devices, removable flash derive, CD/DVD and NAS are also available.
3. Why choose AOMEI Backuper? It’s a free backup software which will be your good assistant during backing data.