How Do I Backup Files on My Computer

August 8, 2016

How do I backup files on my computer? It is an important thing to backup your files because it can minimize your damage of data loss.

You should backup files on your computer

Nowadays, computer is a common tool in our daily life. We use it to play, study, and work. With the use of computer, we stored large information on computer. However, the hard drive we stored information on may crash. Once the computer or hard drive gets in trouble, we may lost the data permanently. To reduce the damage of losing data, the best way is to backup files on your computer. The truth is not everyone knowing computer deeply. For backing up, you may confuse about “how do I backup files on my computer”?

For some other reasons, you may also want to backup your files. For example, you are planning on a business trip, and there are many important files on your computer which you need use on the trip. So, would you like to bring your computer with or just bring an external hard drive with replication of those files on? Absolutely an easy bring device is a better pleasure choice. Here you may ask “how can I backup my files on my computer”?

What files should you backup?

There are many files you should backup. But the two basically backup types of data should be backed up first:

● The files that you create and update frequently.

● The files that make up your system that your computer depends on to run such as the programs, applications, etc.

● The files which are important to you. Such as some important documents, pictures&videos, your favorite music, etc.

Ways to backup files on your computer

There are many ways you can use to backup computer files.

1. The simple copy and paste. You can use the copy and paste to replicate your files to another place. But this need to do manually.

2. Windows built-in backup tool. The Windows backup tool can help you backup system, and the folders you want to backup. However, you cannot use it to backup single file. Besides, you may get failed if you have not enough storage space because Windows backup can not create zip.

3. This way is amount to a suggestion for you, the way that I did for how to backup my computer files.

1). Get an external hard drive. A USB hard drive or USB flash drive, a CD/DVD or what else you like. Here we take a USB flash drive.

2). A backup software. The AOMEI Backupper should be the best software for you PC users to backup files on your computer. It has many powerful utilities. You can use it to backup files/folders, including single file. If you want to backup all the programs and applications, you can create system backup image directly with System Backup. If you want to backup all files on partition or disk, the function Partition Backup and Disk Backup could be used conveniently. Even if you want to synchronize files between two different computers, you can do it with its File Sync utility.


3). This freeware is very powerful and you can use it only with few clicks. It is easy to use and it supports Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP. You can also do a schedule backup for your backup.

Schedule Backup

Will you still have the question “how do I backup files on my computer” after reading this article? The AOMEI Backupper will help you backup your files on computer with simple few clicks. Besides backup, it is also a good restore software that supports you restore data in a few minutes when you need, even your system boot failed, you can create bootable disc and do a universal restore to rescue the system. You can download this freeware to have a try.