By AOMEI / Last Updated April 13, 2017

Overview of Free File Backup Software - AOMEI Backupper Standard

To ensure data is safe, usually we need to backup a lot of files to avoid incorrect operation causing unnecessary losses. Or owing to reinstall the system, we need to backup some useful files. Or some virus attack computers and lead files lost. How do you backup your files? Maybe you will copy those files directly or use a free backup software to backup. But in my opinion, using a free file backup software is more effective and convenient. AOMEI Backupper is a good tool to help backup files. It can one-click backup your system drive to ensure system security, backup disk & partition, create disk images and clone hard drive and support Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (32/64-bit).

AOMEI Backupper has many features, you can choose these features based on what you need.

  • check and explore image file: to check and explore image files. The file backup is also called image file. If the backup is too many, you can use this function.
  • encrypt: to encrypt the data backup. This feature is to protect your data from leaking.
  • Split backup: to specify the way of splitting a large backup into multiple smaller files. It can help you save much storage space.
  • Incremental backup: to back up data and files based on the previous backup, and the latter backup will cover the former one. For example, A and B are thing you backed up firstly, in couple day, you add C and D, if you use automatic backup, you will back up A, B,C and D, but the previous backup will be covered. This way can save much storage space.
  • Differential backup:a type of data backup that preserves data, saving only the difference in the data since the last full backup. The rationale in this is that, since changes to data are generally few compared to the entire amount of data in the data repository, the amount of time required to complete the backup will be smaller than if a full backup was performed every time that the organization or data owner wishes to back up changes since the last full backup

In addition to the above functions or features mentioned, AOMEI Backupper has many other functions to let you choose based on what you need and it will help you to backup files quickly and easily for users, no matter what your computer is home computer or business computer, it is a wise choice for backup files.

How to Backup Files with AOMEI Backupper?

Step 1: Under “Backup” interface, choose “File Backup”.

File Backup Main Interface

Step2: Firstly name the task, click “Add File” to select file and choose a destination to storage backup. You can also click “Schedule Off” to choose daily, weekly or monthly backup. Also you can click “Backup Options” to choose comments, compression, encryption and splitting.

Task Name

Step3: Then you can start to backup. Like this, file backup is finished.

In conclusion, AOMEI Backupper can help you in file backup; in addition, it can support disk, partition, system backup, clone and backup recovery. As a free backup software, it is a good choice for users.