Alternative to Dell Computer Backup and Restore

October 28, 2019

Dell computer backup and restore application is pre-installed in your Windows 10/8/7, having a few functions only which cannot meet your requirements. Therefore, the powerful AOMEI Backupper is what you need.

An introduction to Dell Backup and Recovery

Dell Backup and Recovery Basic (Dell computer backup and restore application) is preloaded on your new Dell Windows 7 or Windows 8 devices, which has a few functions only. Sure, you can use it to create a reinstall disk so as to restore the PC to factory conditions - a reinstall disk can be used to boot up the PC and install the OS to the status as it exists before any user-specific changes are added onto the PC.

However, only if you upgrade to Dell Backup and Recovery Family Pack which is a paid edition that you can create a system image in a rescue disk so as to boot up on the disk while remaining added data and bring computer back to earlier date as you wish. In addition, only Dell Backup and Recovery Family Pack can promise you continuous data protection - you have additional flexibility to auto backup PC.

No matter what version you have, the one key system backup and recovery is hidden, and you have to press a specific key to enter recovery software. Here, to make things easy, we recommend you AOMEI Backupper.

An alternative of Dell Backup and Recovery

AOMEI Backupper is so convenient with easy-to-use interface, which is one of the best alternatives of Dell Backup and Recovery manager and can help you easily achieve Dell data backup and recovery. Next, we will show you how to backup and restore system with it.

Step 1: Download, install and launch AOMEI Backupper. Select “System Backup” under “System” tab.

Main Console

Step 2: In this window, please name the task to distinguish it from others. The complete system image file is included in “Step 1” by default, and you should select the destination location in “Step 2”. Finally, click “Start Backup”.



  • “Backup Option” includes comments, compression, splitting, intelligent sector(“intelligent sector backup” and “make an exact copy”) and VSS.

  • “Schedule” could be set to automatically backup your system daily, weekly or monthly at exact time.

Step 3: When the operation finish, please click “Finish”. (“Check backup integrity on completion” and “On completion shut down PC” can be set as you need.)


More:system recovery could be done under “Restore” or “Home” tab.

Restore System
As you see, you can easily finish Dell computer backup and restore with free AOMEI Backupper, also you can use it to easily mirror hard drive.