By Ailsa / Last Updated January 5, 2017

About Dell Backup And Recovery Error

Dell Backup and Recovery (DBaR) is a software designed for data backup and restore in your Dell Inspiron, Latitude, XPS, Precision, and Dell Venue running popular Windows personal operating system, like Windows 7, Windows 8.1, etc. You may have the experience that a Dell Backup and Recovery error occurred to your computer stating like that “An error occurred while creating the rescue disk”.

Dell Backup And Recovery Error

Why you got this message? No specific explanations given by Dell groups. So be caution to do backups and create recovery disk with Dell Backup and Recovery application. If you are a big fan and really want to use this software, be ready for the “Dell Backup and Recovery an error occurred” problem anytime.

In addition, there are some other problems while using Dell Backup and Recovery, “an error occurred while selecting the system backup to restore” to go back to factory settings; the factory restore is not properly operated by Dell Backup and Recovery.

How to Avoid This Error?

How to fix Dell Backup and Recovery an error occurred during the process issue? We offer the best two solutions for you. First, command prompt; Second, the third party backup and recovery software. Here we go.

Create Recovery Image with Command Prompt

If Dell Backup and Recovery an error occurred while creating the factory recovery media, you can take a shot with Command Prompt. Type the below command:

recimg -createimage f:\recoveryImage

Which the f: is the drive letter of your destination drive that you want to create recovery image. This solution is provided by Dell Groups.

If this way is not working for you, you can try another reliable solution-AOMEI Backupper Professional.

Create Recovery Media with AOMEI Backupper Professional

AOMEI Backupper is a professional backup and restore software for Windows PCs and Laptops. It allows you to create schedule backup, incremental and differential backup, as well as cloning and restore operations. You can also edit the backup image like encrypt, compress, comment, split the image. In addition, you can use it to backup data to NAS device, USB flash drive, external hard drive, local disk, CD/DVD, even the cloud drives.

Now we are going to create a system backup and bootable media to create recovery media to restore your system in someday.

Create System Backup for Your Computer

1. Run AOMEI Backupper Professional, choose “Backup”> “System Backup” on the main console.

System Backup

2. Enter a proper name in “Task Name” box for your system backup.

3. Select a destination in the “Step2” to save the system backup image.

Start Backup

Tips: The program will detect the partition associated with system files in the “Step1” automatically.

4. Press “Start Backup” to backup Windows system.

Create Bootable Media

Once you have backed up your system, you could create bootable media immediately, here is how.

1. On the main window, choose “Utilities” and select “Create Bootable Media”.

Create Bootable Media

2. Select “WinPE-Create bootable disc based on Windows PE” on the “Bootable Disc Type” window. Then hit “Next”.

Bootable Disc Type

3. Choose “Create the bootable disk based on UEFI boot mode (Recommanded)” in next window, and then press “Next”.

Create WinPE Disc

4. Select external USB flash drive as your bootable media, hit “Next”.

USB Boot Device

Tips: The USB will be wiped out after the operation. Please backup the data in advance.

Wait for a while, you’ll get a bootable media. You may need to restore system in the future. Or you can realize dissimilar hardware restore. Besides, you could backup entire hard disk and clone system to another hard drive and many more.