New features of Windows 8.1

With the continually update of Windows system, many computer users start to use the latest Windows 8.1 because it brings them better experiences. Of course, there are more functions and new features in Windows 8.1 than Windows 8.

  • Computers with Windows 8.1 start faster. Moreover, Windows 8.1 provides the "Start" button on the desktop, you just need to click it to start.

  • You can accomplish more tasks at the same time such as playing a game while chatting, watching while shopping, even listening to the music while working. According to the screen size, you can see as many as four applications on the screen at the same time.

  • "Start" screen provides more magnet sizes, color options and animation backgrounds to choose from. On the lock screen, you can use slide to how your favorite photos and take pictures, this all don't need to unlock the computes.

  • You can enter content smoothly. Updated touch screen keyboards can cognize the content you entered and provide suggestions accordingly.

  • Windows 8.1 can save documents to SkyDrive automatically so that you can access them at any time, even in other devices. Even if the computer suffers problem, these files are safe.

  • Internet Explorer of Windows 8.1 load faster to bring a better browsing experience for you. It can bring full screen experience, including browsing web side by side, showing real-time information of the websites of your interests on the "Start" screen.

How to backup Windows 8.1

Because of the above advantages, Windows 8.1 is becoming more and more popular among a variety of operating systems. However, the number of people using Windows 8.1 is still not very large so far. Many users will be confused when there is something wrong with their computers and worry about loss of files. Before that happen, you should have a backup, then you can recover your system at any time.You can recover your system in two safe ways.

One way is use the built-in backup tool of Windows 8.1, called File History. By default, File History will create a system snapshot per hour, and any modified data files will be saved to another place. The users can look through all of the storage of different versions of the file or folder through a simple user interface. You can open or restore them according to your needs.

Another and the most simple way is to use AOMEI Backupper Standard, which is a FREE and easy-to-use backup software with multi-function. It can help you backup your Windows 8.1 safely and fast. Backing up Windows 8.1 with AOMEI Backupper Standard is very simple.

Step 1: Under the "Backup" tab, select the "System Backup" option.

Backup System

Step 2: You can set the "Task Name". At Step1, you will find the program will automatically choose C drive and related partition (e.g. System Reserved) as backup sources. Then select destination path you want to save the backup. For "set and forget" backups, please click "Schedule Off" to set your automatic backup. When all are set up, click "Start Backup" to carry out.

Backup System Task Name
schedule backup setting

Step 3: Please wait a moment until the operation is complete. Then click "Finish" to return the main interface.

Finish Backup Progress

You can try this edition without any fee and then consider buying other version such as Professional Edition, Server Edition and Technician Edition with more functions.The operation of AOMEI Backupper is very simple, you can easily implement backup of your Windows 8.1 with only several steps and minutes. It is no doubt that AOMEI Backupper is the best backup solution for desktop and laptop computers running Windows 8.1 for your business or personal use. Now free download and enjoy.