By Cherry / Last Updated April 27, 2016

Backup to external hard drive is necessary

As time goes by, people stored more and more data on their PC. However, there is existing a big problem that no machine can promise that they can work well all the time. They may get in trouble, and you data will lost. Once you never backup, you may lose your data permanently. To save that kind of problems, backing up for your important data seems the best way.

An external hard drive must be the best choice for storing backups. External hard drive could be a flash drive, a USB flash drive, a USB hard drive, it could also be a CD/DVD, or a Blue-ray. It is portable that you can bring it everywhere. If you are planning out for an official business, backup to external hard drive could be the best way to bring the important data. Sometimes, you will find it is necessary to backup to external hard drive.

How to backup to external hard drive?

To determine how to backup to external hard drive, you need figure out what you want to backup. Then, you can decide to choose the ways to backup. You may want to backup system only, the whole hard drive, or a special partition on the hard drive, or files/folders only. Fortunately, there is a free backup software AOMEI Backupper, which can satisfy you all the kind of backups. And it supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 users to backup to external hard drive free.

Before backing up, you need prepare for it:

● Plug in your external hard drive. Here we take a USB flash drive as an example. Make sure your device can be detected by your PC.

Download AOMEI Backupper Standard and install it on your PC.

Launch the program, it will show you the deep-blue interface, click Backup and you will see the backup types it provides.


> System Backup is for you to backup system. It will select all the system files by default.

> Disk Backup is for you to backup hard drive.

> Partition Backup is for you to backup partitions or dynamic volumes.

> File Backup is for you to backup files/folders, you can also backup a single file.

> File Sync is for you to synchronize files between two different computers.

Every type you choose will take you to the next step that you can follow to backup the data you want to backup. Select the source data, and select the external hard drive you prepared before as the storage space. Besides, AOMEI Backupper supports you to automatic backup to external hard drive. You can set up schedule backup for daily, weekly, monthly, and you can select to do an incremental or differential backup.

Using AOMEI Backupper could be the best way to backup to external hard drive. It also provides you the relative restore function. Once the original data lost, you can restore data with the backup image from the external hard drive with a few minutes. Besides, it has many other utilities to help you secure your computer. Such as create bootable disc, clone system and so on.