Backup Photos from Phone, Help

I have large amount of photos in my DCIM and Pictures folders, and these mobile photos should backup to my computer to free up space for my smartphone. However, I just want to use the simpler way to backup photos. Did you use any easy to use backup software, any advises? Thanks.


There are many ways to backup photos from phone, and solutions vary according to mobile devices. Nowadays, many mobile phone has its own cloud to backup pictures and videos and other data, like Apple’s iCloud, Mi Cloud, Samsung Cloud, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, and so forth.

Apart from these clouds, there are many third party cloud drives you can get, such as Google Drive, Google Photos, Dropbox, OneDrive, Baidu Cloud, etc. Besides, there are many mobile assistants available for you to transfer photos from phone to computer, or other locations.

So, we provide you several ways to sync or backup photos from phone to other devices, like USB drive, computer hard drive, or Google Drive.

Way 1: Drag and Drop Directly

1. Connect your phone with your storage device that you want to transfer to.

2. Choose all the pictures that you want to backup.

3. Drag all of the pictures and drop down to the storage device.

However, this way is kind of difficult to operate when backup photos with a lot of pictures.

Way 2: Use OTG Cable

You could use OTG cable to connect the removable USB flash drive with your phone since many Android phones or other cellphones also have the OTG setting. Try the following steps if you have this OTG configuration.

1. Open OTG setting on your Android phone.

2. Connect your USB drive with the OTG cable, make sure your USB drive can be detected on your phone.

3. Then transfer photos and videos directly to the USB drive to free up space.

It’s easy to operate. But this way is so slow to transfer files and it will consume a lot of electricity and cause overheating of your smart phone.

Way 3: Use Mobile Assistant

Download the best mobile assistant to backup your critical data according to the official sites. This kind of mobile assistant will help you to backup much kind of files including photos from Android phone to PC.

Way 4: Try Reliable and Professional Data Backup Software

If you have several Gigabytes(GB) or more photos and videos to backup or sync, you have to rely on the professional data backup software - AOMEI Backupper Standard (it’s free) and it’s for Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 8.1, 10. It will backup or sync photos faster than transfer directly. Therefore, you will see the detailed steps of sync photos from phone to Google Drive.

1. Install AOMEI Backupper. Go to Backup tab on the main window, and then select File Sync.

File Sync

2. Edit Task Name and click Add Folder in Step1, and then press Browse to add photos from phone.

Add Folder


3. Click Step2 button, and then choose Google Drive folder to save photos from phone.

Start Sync

4. Press Start Sync button to sync phone photos.


  • Definitely, you could also use the Google Backup and Sync application or Google Photos to backup pictures and other profiles.

  • Just download it to have a try.

After syncing, your photos on the phone will be transferred to Google drive in original size, no compression. If you just want to backup all the photos on your smartphone to an image file, it will save your hard drive space, and you could restore these photos from the image file if required.

As long as you backup photos from phone, you could delete all the photos on the phone that you have backed up to spare some space for smoothly running.

Besides, all the files on your smartphone or Android phone will be backed up by AOMEI Backupper, or you could backup entire hard drive to computer, network share, NAS and other clouds, like OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Or, you could try advanced edition to enjoy real-time sync, command prompt backup, migrate OS to SSD, automatically backup photos, etc.