By AOMEI / Last Updated October 17, 2016

Whats the WD My Cloud NAS?

The WD My Cloud is a NAS (Network Attached Storage) device comprised of two parts: a hard drive and a cloud service that allows users to connect to the drive via the internet. It’s a hard drive that connects to your home network, so it’s as secure as you can make it. But you can access it from the internet - from a PC, smart phone, or tablet - just like a cloud service. And you can create user accounts with passwords to allow family, friend, and colleagues to access specific folders, so you can share information and collaborate. You can also transfer files between the My Cloud and cloud-storage services, such as Dropbox.

How to backup PC to WD My Cloud NAS?

WD Smartware is a backup solution to backup PC to WD My Cloud but very slow. In addition, it only supports one backup set per device. For instance, you want to backup all of your commonly accessed files every day at noon and backup all those old files once a week you can't do that since it requires multiple backup sets being defined. It supports “continuous” backups however, they are not “mirrors” but their proprietary file structure/compression etc. They can’t be viewed in file folder and see you files like a normal folder. Therefore, we recommend you to backup PC to WD My Cloud NAS with free AOMEI Backupper which has no such limitations as WD Smartware.

Step1: Download, install and launch AOMEI Backupper Standard. Select “Disk Backup” under “Backup” tab.

Disk Backup

Step2: Name the task. Select your PC in “Step1” as the backup source and WD My Cloud NAS in “Step2” as the destination path.



1. “Backup Option” is optional to encrypt, compress and split your backup, and allows you to backup only used space or backup sector by sector.

2. “Schedule” can be set to auto backup your PC at an exact time of every day, week or month.

Choose the WD My Cloud NAS in pop out window.

Choose NAS

Step3: Click “Start Backup” to backup to WD My Cloud. And when the backup process is accomplished, click “Finish” to exit.

Actually, except to backup PC to WD My Cloud NAS, you can choose the destination path among local disks, external hard drives, removable USB flash drives or NAS. And you’re able to back up files that are in use without interruption. Also, AOMEI Backupper can clone hard driveso as to be without restoring image while using.