Why I want to backup my NAS

Every device will fail at some point. It’s not a question of if but rather when. Whatever we use NAS for personal purposes or small businesses, the data stores in NAS, such as, priceless photos, costly music collections ans sensitive financial information at stake. All of them means too much to me, so any loss of this irreplaceable data could be devastating. Which means that knowing how to backup my NAS is a necessity, not an option.

How to choose the best way for my backup

Choosing the best way to backup my NAS can be a wise choice for me. But how to make the best choice? In my mind, I think a backup software need include a standard range of backup services, easy to use manipulation and inexpensive cost. After searching on the internet, I found a perfect backup software meets all my requirements. AOMEI Backupper is the best backup software which can complete nearly all kinds of backups. And it is intellectual so that I can easily master the operation. And what surprises me is that it can help me backup my NAS for free. To the great extent, I can save much time, money, energy with the simple operation and low-cost.

But where to store the backups? There is so many choices. Such as, an external hard drive, NAS devices, cloud and so on. Considering the price and practical usage, an external hard drive can be the best for me.

How to backup my NAS

We found the way for my backup, so we now need to talk about how to backup my NAS using AOMEI Backupper. Let me show you the detail of how to backup my NAS to an external hard drive.

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper, install it. Plug external hard drive into computer using an available USB port. Open the main interface. Select File Backup under the Backup option.

File Backup

Step2. Click Add Folders, then select Share/NAS in the popped up dialogue.

Share NAS

Step3. Click Add share or NAS devices, input the IP address, username and password of the NAS you want to backup.

IP Address

Step4. Select the external hard drive as the location. Here it is “F:\”

Choose Location

Step6. Click Start Backup to run the backup. Select “Finish” to end the program when backup is done.


■ Plug the external hard drive into computer before you open AOMEI Backupper, or you need restart and refresh it to recognize the external hard drive.

■ Input the information of your NAS devices correctly, or your backup will not success.

■ Ensure the network can attach to your NAS, because it is the your backup source.

■ If you want schedule your backups, check the Schedule box and create a schedule backup.

■ You can use anonymous to do the backup when checking Anonymous box. But you need to input your username and password when backing up some files.