By Cherry / Last Updated April 27, 2016


“My hard drive on the computer stored so much important data: my music, movies, videos, and my official documents, etc. I never realize it is necessary to backup hard drive to external hard drive, that is the fatal reason caused my data gone when my hard drive broken. Imaging that if I backed up my computer before, I will still have my data on another hard drive and I do not need to suffer the damage.”

Yes, backup hard drive to external hard drive do really help secure data. It can avoid a lot of problems bringing out with the internal hard drive, like system crash, hard drive broken, laptop stolen, accidental deletion, even natural disaster. Backup hard drive to external will store your data on another safe place, and you do not need to worry about those situations.

What is a hard drive backup?

The clearest definition of a hard drive backup is an exactly copy. All the data on the hard drive is the original data. It could be on the internal hard drive on your laptop, desktop, or external hard drive. Create a backup of hard drive means having that data saved in two different places. Thus, more and more users would prefer backup entire hard drive to external hard drive.

How to backup hard drive to external hard drive?

No matter internal hard drive and external hard drive, it should be backed up as the important data stored on it. But how to backup hard drive to external hard drive? The best way is backing up data with a software. There are many software online. Considering the features and payment, here we highly recommend you a free backup software AOMEI Backupper Standard, which can be used for all editions of Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, both 32 bit and 64 bit. What’s the most important is that it can backup both internal hard drive or external hard drive to another external hard drive. Here you can follow the guide step by step.

Before you do, here you need to prepare something for it:

● The source hard drive that need to be backed up.

● An external hard drive which is large enough to store the data on the source hard drive. An external hard drive should be a HDD, SSD, writable CD/DVD, a flash drive like USB hard drive or USB flash drive, etc.

● Connect the external hard drive to your computer, make sure it can be detected(if you want to backup external hard drive to another external hard drive, connect both hard drives to the computer).

Step1. Download AOMEI Backupper Standard, install and launch it. Select Disk Backup under the Backup tab.

Main Interface

Step2. Here you can edit Task Name for your backup. Then, select the source hard drive(disk0) and the destination hard drive(F:\) at the Step1 andStep2in the following picture. Click Start Backup to launch the progress.

Disk Backup


Backup Options provides you more settings to your backup, such as compress large data. and you can click it to know more.

Schedule is for you to do an automatic backup. But backup to external hard drive automatically needs you keep the external hard drive in.

Step3. When the progress done, click Finish to exit.

Backup hard drive to external hard drive is very simple with the free AOMEI Backupper. Actually, it provides you many other utilities to ensure your computer’s safety. For example, backup and restore system. It can do much for you.