Why Needs to Backup Files Daily?

On your computer, the data is the most important thing, such as photos, important tax documents, papers, movies, music etc. Once data lost, it will be fatal for you to restore difficultly. During using computer, you will inevitably encounter this or that problem. For instance, deleting useful file, pouring water into computer to cause computer fault, disk breakdown or physical disasters cause computer run difficultly. Therefore, you should backup the insignificant files to avoid data missing. Automatic backup is an option for users to protect data. You can choose to backup files daily, weekly or monthly for useful files.

How to Backup a File Daily?

It is necessary for users to backup daily with AOMEI Backupper due to more and more business or life documents. You can backup some work records, business letters or work tables every day to reassure you. The following steps will show how to backup a file daily.

Step 1: Under "Backup" to select "File Backup".


Step 2: Next name the task, then click "Add File" to choose a file, and then set a destination. Next choose "Schedule Off".


Step 3: After you can see the screenshot. Click "Daily", then you can see three options. You can run a backup once only at a fixed point of one day, or run once at fixed point every day, or set the intervals to run it for every 1 hour or 2 hours even more hours to according to your own need.There are advanced settings that you can select full backup, incremental backup or differential backup.


Step 4: After you set, click "Start Backup". Then backup a file daily is configured.

In summary, it is easy to backup files daily with AOMEI Backupper. Like this, data is protected. If data is lost, you can restore it from backup easily.


1. In addition to backup files, you can also create system backup, partition backup, and disk backup, incremental and differential backup automatically.

2. You can backup files to an internal or external device, a removable device, USB, or CD/DVD etc.